Photo taken in Iraq 1943. First on left my father Lucian Aksnowicz along with his friends Henryk Kwiatkowski and Edward Metelica.


  • FBKS member Jolanta Is -General Kazimierz Sosnkowski-Commander in Chief and Inspector General of the armed forces (from 8 July 1943 to 30 September 1944).

    2017-01-17 22:18:05 Helena Kordzinski
  • from FBKS members Anna & Krzysztof ' The bearded guy -right middle - is Kmdr.inz Waclaw Zejma He was the President of the Commission for the evacuation and seafarers in Lotnikow Polskich as the Commander of the first transport arrived to the UK and his position of head of the naval administration'

    2017-01-17 22:06:53 Helena Kordzinski
  • Hello I think this maybe the RC Church of All Nations in Jerusalem. My Dad was also in Jerusalem on 16 November 1943.Any other thoughts on this? I quote "One of the biggest manoeuvres to take place in the Middle East were held in Palestine in November 1943. The exercise, known as "Exercise Virile", involved the 2nd Polish Corps - the 'Philistine' Army - attacking the rest of the Ninth British Army, called the 'Levant' Army. The battle area was inside of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Tiberias triagle. Amongst the nationalities, included in the 'Levant' Army, were British, Indian (Gurkhas, Sikhs), Arab Legion, Transjordan Frontier Force, Greeks, Chasseurs Libanairs, Senegalese and East Africans. Object description General Michał Tokarzewski-Karaszewicz, the Deputy CO of the 2nd Polish Corps, General Bolesław Szarecki, the Head of 2nd Corps Medical Services, and General Roman Odzierzyński, the CO of the 2nd Artillery Group (2nd Corps), planning their part of operations indoors of the 'Philistines' Army HQs:. Source :

    2017-01-15 20:45:47 Carolyn Chodecka

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