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Collection: Ambassador Romer List of Deportees
A list of names and addresses of deportees who were in the USRR, and who contacted the Polish Embassy in Tokyo during WWII. Ambassador Romer published this book in 1941, and the pages were subsequently photographed by his daughter, Teresa Romer. K-S member Janusz Lukasiak obtained Ms Romer's agreement to publish the pages in the KSVM. The book was part of an exhibit about the Ambassador that was on display at Lazienki Palace in Warsaw a few years ago. There is a copy of the book at the National Library in Warsaw. The initial pages comprise and introduction by Ambassador Romer, as well as explanations of the geographical areas in which the deportees were located, statistics, and abbreviations. The list of names begins from the 12th image of the collection. It is in alphabetical order. It is followed by a second list, that was compiled after the original one was printed. There is an extra page at the end, listing persons that the Tokyo Embassy was notified had died.

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