In camp near Kirkuk, Iraq

This photo was delivered in 1946, but apparently taken in 1942 or 1943. On the back, Jakub Hałucha (left) of the Polish 2nd Corps writes, “Na pustyni Iraku w miejscowości Kirkuk. Jakub. Koledzy ci już nie żyją. Zjadła ich wojna. Jak” (In the Iraq desert in the vicinity of Kirkuk. Jakub. Friends who no longer live. The war ate them. Jake). Antoni Kazimierski says, “In one of the tents I can see some cans standing; many would wonder what they were? Well, they were huge date containers that were sent to us from South Africa, I think; they were full of dates/stones and were intended to 'build us up'.” If you can identify the other men or provide more information, please contact


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