Photo taken in Iraq 1943. First on left my father Lucian Aksnowicz along with his friends Henryk Kwiatkowski and Edward Metelica.


  • I have the same certificate for my Dad, dated 16 November 1943

    2017-04-27 12:46:44 Carolyn Chodecka
  • My sisters and I, believe that the two girls on the right are Jadwiga (Kabza) Zemanek (my aunt who still lives in Chelsea) and we're not absolutely sure but the girl next to her may well be our mother Zofia Zemanek.I have a photo closer up and I really think it is them!

    2017-04-19 22:40:12 Marta Morton
  • I am almost positive that the girl standing on the left of the crouching person is my aunt Wanda Zemanek. How amazing it is to scroll through these photos and to actually recognize a member of my family!!!

    2017-04-06 03:17:25 Marta Morton

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