Photo taken in Iraq 1943. First on left my father Lucian Aksnowicz along with his friends Henryk Kwiatkowski and Edward Metelica.


  • I have a photograph exactly like this of my gran. They must have been on the same excurtion. This is Kalambo falls.

    2016-03-23 12:12:50 Tamara Bulmer
  • Church in the Kresy Chlopy Rudki District.I was told by family that it was probably where my father was Christened and his family Records were kept. The Village and Probably this Church also were demolished and no longer exist.I believe there is a new town called Peremozhne built on the place where Chlopy Stood.

    2016-03-21 16:57:07 Wladyslaw Mihulka
  • Franciszek Michulka a Master Carpenter and small holding owner in the Kresy and Katarzyna Maziak/Michulka Parents of Kazimierz Mihulka Probably taken between 1895-1900 both from The Kresy Village of Chlopy near Kamarno Rudki District. Franciszek Died around 1934 as a result of a fall from a church roof while repairing it and broke his leg,Gangreen Poisoning set in to his leg as a result and No Doctors and later died of it.(Proud to say they were my Grandparents) RIP Both.

    2016-03-21 16:48:31 Wladyslaw Mihulka

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