Photo taken in Iraq 1943. First on left my father Lucian Aksnowicz along with his friends Henryk Kwiatkowski and Edward Metelica.


  • My late father was Max Szulbank, aka Shulbank of Jeboski Street in Warsaw. He came from a very religious Jewish family where his father was a very respected member of the community. They had a roofing business, and my father was drafted into the Polish Army. In 1939 he was captured by the Russians and eventually let go where he fought for Poland in Ander's II Corp. Though he was a victim of terrible anti-semitism in this Corp he did his duty as a native son of Poland and fought in North Africa where he was severely wounded. Upon recuperation and the end of WWII he made his way to America where he married again after losing his first wife and son in what we now know as The Holocaust. He settled in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn where he became a very active member of the Jewish community there and was well known for his charitable work. His second marriage produced a son and daughter who were graduated college with honors and became successful in their own right. Mr Max Bank, aka Szulbank, Shulbank, passed away in 1985 at the young age of 70. War does that!

    2016-01-26 07:31:07 Maurice H Bank
  • Thank you so much for posting this - found my father Czeslaw Szul on the list. Also found some photos of a family friend Jozef Furmanek - his family had never seen these photos before.

    2016-01-07 16:23:29 Vanessa Shaw

    2016-01-01 01:31:02 Tatiana Bryce

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