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On Saturday, the train left Lomzy.  On Sunday we reached Bialystok, and people were going to church.  But we were locked in the wagons – there were two tiny windows at the top of each side.  Two were completely boarded up, and two had a metal rod going across them, and so these were open.  There was just a hole in the floor that served as a toilet, with no screen whatsoever.  To these wagons they put as many people as it was possible to cram into them.  Our NKVD guys put us into an empty wagon, so we were able to choose our spot.  This was on Thursday.  Thursday and Friday we spent on the siding, and then on Saturday afternoon, the train left the station.   We got to Bialystok in the morning, and people were going to church and looking at what was happening.  After a while we heard airplanes – it was the start of war.  And for several days we rode as in Hell.  The train would go, then when the planes would start dropping bombs, the train would stop.  If we were sitting on the top bunk, we would fall off to the floor.  We were expecting the worst, because alongside us, bombs were exploding, and wagons were being ripped apart.  The Russians were escaping, and their families were escaping – there were a lot of them.  Our grandmother was the oldest in the wagon, and she was leading the rosary and prayers, because we really thought we would die, because a bomb could have fallen on us at any moment, and that would be the end of us.   But as it turns out, our train, with all of its wagons, reached past the Volga, right into Kazakhstan.

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