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Support the non-profit Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum and its related activities to research, remember and recognize Poland’s citizens fighting for freedom and survival in eastern Poland and in exile during World War II.

All subscribers and donors are recognised in the Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum

Donations will be transferred to the Kresy-Siberia Foundation for supporting the Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum or for Kresy-Siberia work in New Zealand.


Select a suggested donation level or donate another amount of your choice:
NZ$50 Friend; NZ$120 Bronze Donor; NZ$360 Silver Donor; NZ$1200 Gold Donor; NZ$3600 Diamond Donor.
If you wish to donate online, please click here –> PAY ONLINE
or pay by cheque to the order of Kresy-Siberia NZ and mail to PO Box 853, Wellington 6140
or pay by one-time or periodic bank transfer: ANZ 06-0501-0064897-03 noting your name as reference
Please also send an email telling us about your donation to NZ@Kresy-Siberia.org



31 Queen Street, Petone, Hutt Valley 5012 New Zealand
www.Kresy-Siberia.org/NewZealand, e-mail: NZ@Kresy-Siberia.org
Wellington contact: Irena Lowe +64 4 973 5839 e-mail Irena
Auckland contact: Jackie Rzepka + 64 9 826 4357 e-mail Jackie

Last updated: 2017-03-07