Polish Naval Memories of World War II 1939-1947

This multi-media special exhibition explores the contribution of the elite Polish Navy to the Allied war effort during the six years of the war at sea 1939-1945 and until 1947 with the PRC in G.B. Whilst many of the details of the Polish Navy during WWII are well known (the battles, the destroyers, the submarines), the stories of the veterans are not. This exhibition tells the story of the Polish Navy in WWII through the witness testimony, memories, photographs and stories of the brave men who served her [GO TO THE EXHIBITION]

Berling Army

Berling Army

The exhibition shows the history of the so-called Berling Army, the fate of its soldiers and that of their families. Materials were obtained from the Museum of the Polish Army in Warsaw, from soldiers’ families, and from Gen. Berling’s family. (Currently available only in Polish). Enter. [GO TO THE EXHIBITION]

The Polish 1st Armoured Division

The Polish 1st Armoured Division

The exhibition presents the history of the Polish 1st Armoured Division, through texts and photos selected from a book published by the Division in 1947. Additional photos were obtained from private collections. (Currently available only in Polish). Enter.[GO TO THE EXHIBITION]

People of the Polish Second Corps

People of the Polish Second Corps

This Electronic Book contains the story of the Polish Second Corps, as told through the lives of 16 of its members. Reviewing these 16 lives – through text, recordings, and photos – will provide a glimpse in to myriad experiences of the soldiers and support staff that made up this heroic military formation. [GO TO THE EXHIBITION]

Polish Border Protection Corps 1924 - 1939

Polish Border Protection Corps 1924 – 1939

“Border Protection Corps was a military formation in times of peace, founded in 1924 in the face of growing banditry and violence inspired by the Soviet secret services in border areas…” [GO TO THE EXHIBITION]


Belarusians in Polish regular military formations 1918-1945

“Belarusians in Polish regular military formations 1918-1945

“In terms of the number of troops, Belarusians were the second (after Ukrainians) nationality in the Polish Army, taking into account the recruits coming from ethnic minorities. Their participation ranged from 4% to 10% of army manpower in II Republic” [GO TO THE EXHIBITION]

Tradycja i tożsamość

Identity and Culture – Autograph books and diaries of Polish Children in Exile 1940-1950

“In spite of the fact that we were homeless and without acountry, we brought with us our Polish culture, traditions, and the values ourparents taught us. It was for this reason that the ancient city of Isfahan (…) was often referred to as “the city of Polish children”” … [GO TO THE EXHIBITION]