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About this exhibition

”Battlefields of the 1st Polish Armoured Division”


The Ministry of National Defence, headquartered in Warsaw, sponsored this project within its progam called - Podtrzymywanie i upowszechnianie tradycji narodowej, pielęgnowanie polskości oraz rozwoju świadomości narodowej, obywatelskiej i kulturowej (translated as: Upholding and honouring national traditions, nurturing Polishness, as well as advancing citizenship and cultural identity)


Krystyna Szypowska


Selected texts were drawn from the book titled „Dywizja Pancerna w Walce” published by the Division in Brussels, Belgium, in 1947.

Sources for the photos include …

- the book „Dywizja Pancerna w Walce”,

- the souvenir booklet “1st Polish Armoured Division (1 VII 1944 – 11 XI 1944)”.

- the private collections of our members:

Stan Bernacki

John Halucha

Barbara Ryszkowska

Tadeusz Siomkajło

Michał Szypowski