Ppor. Bartoszewski Adolf

[1907-1990] He came from Radowicze near Turzysk in Wołyń. The commander of the local team of the Riflemen's Association and a cooperative activist before 2WW. Participant of the September Campaign (1939-09-01 - 1939-10-06) Arrested by the NKWD in September 1939 and sentenced to death for activity in the Union of Shooting and Defense of Lviv. After repeatedly sent by his wife - Helen's petitions to Stalin's office, the punishment was changed at the last minute before being shot to exile in Uzbekistan. Soldier of the II Polish Corps in Italy (Gen. Anders). Participant of the Battle of Monte Cassino (the first attack). Twice wounded (hard, under Ancona). He returned to Poland in 1974.


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