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In 1944 as the Polish children were leaving Iran, each child was given several books to carry in their personal possession. Barely a few weeks after their arrival at Pahiatua, a library was opened. Most of these books had been printed during the war in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. They were also printed in the United States and given as donations from the Polish Americans. The stamps on the page of the book 'Wybór Poezji' show the journey of this book across the world. 1. Book published in Jerusalem in 1944 on route in effect back to Poland 2. Stamp 'Dyrekcji Państwowego Liceum i Gimnazjum w Isfanie 3. Stamp 'Inspektoratu Szkolnega w Isfahanie 4. Stamp " Delegatury Ministerstwa Pracy i Opieki Społecznej I Oświecenia Publicznego w Nowej Zelandii 5. Stamp Stowarzyszenia Polaków w Nowej Zelandii 6. Stamped as sold by Stowarzyszenia Polaków w Nowej Zelandii


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