Portrait of Jozef Dabkowski

Jozef Dabkowski was an officer in the Polish merchant navy. During the Norwegian campaign he was serving on Polish troopship SS Chrobry carrying almost 1,000 allied troops being evacuated from Norway. On the 14th May 1940 the ship was attacked from the air by the Germans. She was hit and burst into flames. There were 700 survivors. Jozef Dabkowski was later awarded the Krzyz Walecznych for bravery. ln 1942, on the order of the Minister of Shipping, he was transferred to a shore establishment with a post as Lecturer in a Merchant Navy School established by the Polish Ministry of Shipping and Commerce in London. This post included duties connected with shipping and naval agreements, Sea Law, education of Merchant Navy Officers, etc. He was then Chairman of the Association of Polish Captains, Navigating, Engineer and Radio Officers.


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