Franciszek and Katarzyna Mihulka

The parents of Kazimierz Mihulka in pre-war Kresy.


  • Thank you Władysław

    2016-10-26 21:33:47 Stefan Wisniowski
  • Franciszek Michulka a Master Carpenter and small holding owner in the Kresy and Katarzyna Maziak/Michulka Parents of Kazimierz Mihulka Probably taken between 1895-1900 both from The Kresy Village of Chlopy near Kamarno Rudki District. Franciszek Died around 1934 as a result of a fall from a church roof while repairing it and broke his leg,Gangreen Poisoning set in to his leg as a result and No Doctors and later died of it.(Proud to say they were my Grandparents) RIP Both.

    2016-03-21 16:48:31 Wladyslaw Mihulka

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