ORP Błyskawica memorial in Isle of White, UK

Memorial to ORP Błyskawica's defence of the town of Cowes, Isle of White. Text from Martin Hazell "On the night of 4th/5th May 1942 Błyskawica was in White's yard, Cowes, for repair and refit. Her commander, Francki, upon hearing a massive German air armada about to attack the town led the port's defences. About 11pm 160 low flying German fighter-bombers attacked the town. The ship's crew lit smoke screens and the gunners thew up such an intense barrage from their AA weapons, and even main armament, that the Luftwaffe were forced too high for accurate bombing. Over 200 bombs were dropped and 70 civilians killed. Błyskawica's guns became so hot that cold water had to be poured over them to cool them down. As a result of this action the bond between the people of Cowes and the Poles of the Polish destroyer became even stronger and remains to this day, some 70 years after this."


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