Tadeusz Sroka Polish Medal September 1939 campaign

Tadeusz Sroka, Polish Navy medal: R.P. 1939 1-17th September WRZESIEN: Cross of September Campaign 1939 (Krzyz Kampanii Wrzesniowej 1939) Instituted: by decree of President of the Republic in Exile of September 1, 1984, to commemorate the struggle against nazi Germany and soviet Russia in September and October of 1939. Conferred on soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces and other people who took part in the fight or who aided them. Badge: silver Greek cross 39 x 39 mm. Obverse: a crowned eagle sitting on the Amazon shield, surrounded by a laurel spray with a semicircular inscription WRZESIEN (September) and the year 1939 below. On the left arm there is a date 1.IX (beginning of the German aggression), on the right - 17.IX (beginning of the Russian aggression) and the letters RP on the lower one. Reverse: plain with the place for a recipient's name. Ribbon: 38 mm, white with a broad red stripe in the center, flanked by red pinstripes, and with narrow red edges.


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