Tadeusz Sroka Polish Navy Medal for War

Polish Navy Medal for War 1939-1945 (Medal Morski za Wojne 1939-1945) Instituted on July 3, 1945 by decree of President of the Republic in Exile in London. Conferred in a single grade on all members of the Navy, irrespective their rank, for at least 6 months of meritorious service on a ship engaged in military operations against an enemy, or a year service on another ship. The medal could be conferred up to four times; for a subsequent award the period of service was doubled. Badge: silver medal 36 mm of diameter. Obverse: an armored hand - the symbol of the Polish Navy in a laurel wreath.Reverse: the inscription POLSKA / SWEMU / OBRONCY (Poland to Her defender) and a small oak leaf above and below. Ribbon: 37 mm navy blue with narrow white side stripes. Each subsequent award is denoted by a silver bar with oak leaves attached to the ribbon.


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