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Photos and archives for Adolf Grzegorz Smolnicki who escaped from Lwowskie area of Poland in September 1939, was interned in a camp in Hungary, escaped and joined the Carpathian Independent Rifle Brigade in Syria. With France being taken by Germany, the brigade escaped French Syria and joined the British 8th Army. They trained intensively in Palestine. There first command was to help with the fortification of Alexandria. They were then moved to Marsa Matruh. That day Adolf came off his motorcycle and broke his leg just below the knee. For him the next 8 months was spent in hospital recovering while the Brigade went further west and fought at Tobruk. Eventually Adolf rejoined the Brigade now stationed in Iraq and spent the entire Italian campaign as a driver of a anti-artillery vehicle. The war finished for him in Bologna and he spent two years in Italy completing his secondary education. He moved to Britain towards the end of 1946 as part of the Polish Resettlement Corp. He was accepted as a migrant soldier to Australia and arrived in Freemantle on 22 September 1947. After two years working in Tarrahlea in Tasmania he immigrated to New Zealand and married Eugenia Piotuch, one of the children of Pahiatua.

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