Postcard regarding missing Policeman killed in Katyn 1

Tomasz Wojtkowiak was the uncle of Wanda Troman and brother of Polish Navy veteran Jozef Wojtkowiak. Tomasz was born on 17 November 1910 in Nekla in the province of Poznan. In 1939 he was a Policeman in Wysokie Litwskie in the Eastern Borderlands. When the Soviets invaded he was arrested. The family later discovered that he was murdered by the Soviets in the Katyn Massacres in 1940 in Miednoye. This postcard was written by the wife of the Commander of the Wysokie Litewskie Polish Police Station, Mrs. Olga Sidoruk, to Mr Jan Wojtkowiak (Tomasz and Jozef’s brother) in Opatow, Rynek 15. Wysokie Litewskie was then in the district of Kamieniec Litewski, the province of Brest (in Polish Brzesc). Addressed to: Germany, Generalgouvernement. The postcard (Post Office Stamp in Russian: Minsk) Kamieniec Litewski, Brest province. Sent by Olga Sidoruk. "15 February 1941. Dear Sir, I am very sorry that I cannot give you any encouraging information regarding Tomasz in answer to your letter received by me on 12 February 1941. It is almost a year ago that I had the last communication from him and since then any trace of him had disappeared, not only regarding him, as many of his colleagues were with him and neither do they write letters to their wives and children. For the time being we are waiting, may be he will get in touch and then I’ll immediately inform you. Different tales are being circulated. One thing is sure that their fate is not sweet, however, I think that he will hang on and return healthy. I remain yours faithfully. O. Sidoruk."


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