Date added: 2014-06-11 Feliks (junior) Scazighino / Canada

/ Feliks Scazighino_Uncle from 2 Corps to 1 PAD to Meppen / EN

Describing how his Uncle was promoted in the Polish 2nd Corps, and eventually replaced General Maczek and served in the iPAD in Meppen.

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Author of memoirs

Feliks (junior) Scazighino

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  • Place of Birth: Lwowskie / Lwów
  • Place of residence in 1939: Lwowskie / lwów
  • Deportations and repressions: /
  • Military experience: - - 
  • Other wartime circumstances: Orphanages: near Buzuluk, USSR

    Orphanage in India, then joined their mother in Teheran
  • Place of residence after 1945.: United Kingdom / London

Full interview available:
Kresy – Siberia Fundation