Date added: 2014-09-12 Maria (Sztela) Juralewicz / UK

/ Juralewicz Maria – Father dies on the train / PL

Irena describes how their father suddenly died on the train, on the trip south, hours after her mother was left behind at one of the stations.

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Author of memoirs

Maria Sztela Juralewicz

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  • Place of Birth: Poleskie / osada Karłowicze
  • Place of residence in 1939: no data
  • Deportations and repressions: In transit / Specposiołek Nucht-Oziero, Plesiecki rajon /
  • Military experience: - - 
  • Other wartime circumstances: Civilian Camp in the Middle East: EsfahanCivilian Camp in India: MalirShe and her sister were in an orphanage in Isfahan, then refugee in India in Malir, then in 1943 to Valivade. Her brother was in the Junak Mechanical School, and came to the UK with the Polish Second Corps. She and her sister joined their brother in the UK in 1948.
  • Place of residence after 1945.: United Kingdom / Manchester

Full interview available:
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