Date added: 2014-11-15 Maria (Nowotarska) Kołodzińska / New Zealand

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Maria explains how they heard about the ‘amnesty’, describes how her family built a raft to take them down the river, and how her father saved her from drowning.

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Author of memoirs

Maria Nowotarska Kołodzińska

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  • Place of Birth: Stanisławowskie / Zagorze Polskie
  • Place of residence in 1939: Stanisławowskie / Zagorze Polskie
  • Deportations and repressions: Żeleznodorożny /
  • Military experience: - - 
  • Other wartime circumstances: Orphanages: Pahiatua, New Zealand

    Civilian Camp in the Middle East: Esfahan
    In Pahlevi Maria and her brother Jan were able to stay together with their father and his Army unit before the army moved out. In Teheran Maria was very sick with Malaria and stayed in the hospital until moving to Isfahan where she was placed in House No. 5.
  • Place of residence after 1945.: New Zealand

Full interview available:
Kresy – Siberia Fundation