Date added: 2014-01-29 Teresa (Pyrska) Kosierb / Canada

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Describing the life-long effects that the constant hunger of her youth had on her life.

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Author of memoirs

Teresa Pyrska Kosierb

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  • Place of Birth: Białostockie / Osada Zytomla
  • Place of residence in 1939: Białostockie / Osada Zytomla
  • Deportations and repressions: Nikulinska Base, Dobranskiy district, Molotov region / /
  • Military experience: - - 
  • Other wartime circumstances: Civilian Camp in the Middle East: TehranCivilian Camp in Africa: Lusaka In Lusaka with her mother, sister, and her cousin (later adopted as her brother) Tadek, until 1948.
  • Place of residence after 1945.: South Africa / Rodesia / Lusaka

Full interview available:
Kresy – Siberia Fundation