Date added: 2014-09-12 Aleksandra (Jarmulska) Rymaszewska / UK

/ Propaganda photos of joyful deportees / PL

Describing how staged photos of the deportees were taken by the Soviets, for propaganda reasons.

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Author of memoirs

Aleksandra Jarmulska Rymaszewska

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  • Place of Birth: Krakowskie / Nowy Targ
  • Place of residence in 1939: Wołyńskie / Osada Antonin
  • Deportations and repressions: In transit / The Vitiunino camp was a 3 day sleigh ride from the Kotlas station / Kolhoz called Bolshevik /
  • Military experience: - - 
  • Other wartime circumstances: Civilian Camp in the Middle East: EsfahanPahlevi, Teheran, then Isfahan in Persia - she worked in the orphanage, caring for the children until the end of the war. She then went on to Lebanon, before emigrating to the UK, where she met and married a doctor.
  • Place of residence after 1945.: United Kingdom

Full interview available:
Kresy – Siberia Fundation