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Join our world-wide Kresy-Siberia community to research, recognize and remember Poland’s citizens fighting for freedom and survival in eastern Poland and in forced exile during World War II.

All messages in our group are private and only visible to other group members. Group membership is open to all persons who introduce themselves by explaining the reason for their interest in our topic and who confidentially register their contact details.

We invite all group members to:

  • share their knowledge and information with the group
  • add information on their family members to the Virtual Museum’s Wall of Tribute
  • post photos and scans in the Virtual Museum’s Hall of Memories
  • volunteer to help record Survivor interviews for the Virtual Museum’s Hall of Testimonies
  • volunteer to work on the Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum, events or charity administration
  • voluntarily pay an annual US$40 subscription or donate as possible to help fund these activities
  • invite interested friends and family members to also join the group

  • Group members are all subject to our rules of conduct. The Group Moderators reserve the right to warn, suspend or remove anyone who is unable to respect the following rules:

  • We limit our comments to the topic of “Poland’s citizens fighting for freedom and survival in eastern Poland and in forced exile during World War II”
  • We are a friendly and supportive group with common goals
  • We strive to avoid disparaging or offending other group members
  • We all try to learn from each other, not to score debating points
  • We avoid commenting on current politics that could cause dissension
  • We never tolerate prejudicial remarks of a religious or racial nature

  • To join, please send us an e-mail at join(at)kresy-siberia(dot)org describing your family history or other interest in the group so we can introduce you to the other members. This helps us all to connect and share information about our families. Please also include your contact details (e-mail, address, phone) for our group admin records, which we will never share with anyone else.*

    Go to the Discussion Group here: Kresy-Siberia Discussion Group

    *By participating, you agree to the group rules listed above, and to the Kresy-Siberia Foundation processing your personal information for the purposes of its statutory activities, in accordance with Article 23 of Poland’s Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997.

    Updated 2017-04-08