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Post war life in England

The General and Irena Renata in England after the war.  Source: Public domainAt the end of the war I was demobilized with the rank of 2nd lieutenant (in later years the President of Poland promoted me to the rank of captain). I married General Władysław Anders in1948, and we settled in London, where we raised our daughter Anna Maria. He was a wonderful, caring husband, and a loving, devoted father. He was also a very social person, and loved to have people around him.

I returned to singing in 1956. I went on to perform on stage and in dramatic theater in the UK. I recorded close to 1,000 songs on BBC radio and on Radio Free Europe, and released nearly 100 records over the course of my career.

We were both very involved in the émigré community in England. The General was treated with affection and all but veneration by those who had served under his command. My husband was banned from ever returning to Poland, and he deeply yearned for his native country.

The General and Irena Renata, with their daughter in London.  Source: Photographic exhibit titled „Irena Anders. Moja wyjątkowa podróż”We spent 22 glorious years together, until he died on the 12th of May 1970 – the 26th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Casino, and my birthday. I think of him every day, with a mixture of sadness and joy. I am forever grateful that fate joined us, and that we were able to share so many days, in mutual respect and love.

In 1994, the documentary „Renata Bogdańska-Anders” was made, under the direction of Andrzej Konecki, and in 2003 the documentary film ‘Seans” was made, detailing the making of the film “Wielka Droga” (Great Road), and my starring role in it.

Irena Renata resumes her career in the UK.  Source: Photographic exhibit titled „Irena Anders. Moja wyjątkowa podróż”In 2006, the documentary “Moja młodość, moje szczęście, mój świat…“ (My youth, my good luck, my world …“) was made by Joanna i Piotr Perczyńscy, Krzysztof Mrowiec, and the Antares Film Studio.