Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum Special Exhibitions

Polish Naval Memories of World War II 1939-1947

“This multi-media special exhibition explores the contribution of the elite Polish Navy to the Allied war effort during the six years of the war at sea 1939-1945 and until 1947 with the PRC in G.B. Whilst many of the details of the Polish Navy during WWII are well known (the battles, the destroyers, the submarines), the stories of the veterans are not. This exhibition tells the story of the Polish Navy in WWII through the witness testimonies, memories, photographs and stories of the brave men who served in her.”

Zbigniew & Waclaw Kurzweil

The exhibition shows an original memoir written by Waclaw Kurzweil, as well as sketches and paintings by Zbigniew Kurzweil, both of whom were from Stanislawow and were deported to Siberia on 13th April 1940. They both eventually joined Gen. Anders army and ended up living the rest of their lives in England.

The Polish Children in Esfahan

The Story of the Polish Children in Esfahan

This film was compiled by Krystyna Tomaszyk (author of “Ashes”, Wellington, New Zealand) from the photographs of her mother, Krystyna Skwarko, Director of Polish Schools in Esfahan, Iran, where up to 2,500 Polish children evacuated from Soviet exile, lived between 1942 and 1944.