People of the Polish 2nd Corps

Wojciech Narebski
Andrzej Garlicki
Halina Kozlowska
Boleslaw Makowski
Tomasz Skrzynski
Irena Renata Anders
Romuald Lipinski
Gondek Zbigniew
Mrzyk Alfons
Begin Menachem
Gradosielska Danuta
Krolczyk Jozef
Fr. Lucjan Krolikowski
Fijal Edwards
Franek Kustra
Edward Bator

About this Exhibition


This exhibition has been made possible from funds provided by the Museum of Polish History (Warsaw) under their Patriotyzm Jutra (Patriotism for tomorrow) program.

Sincere thanks to the participating veterans

We wish to sincerely thank the Polish Second Corps veterans who participated in this project. They generously gave of their time, by having their interviews recorded, by sharing their photos and documents, and by reviewing the materials.

Sincere thanks to our colleagues

We gratefully acknowledge the participation of the following individuals in gathering and in uploading the materials, writing the texts, recording and processing the interviews, and translating the texts:

Veteran Story Participating individuals Interviewers Translators
ANDERS Irena Renata  (NB 1) Krystyna Szypowska, Aneta Hoffmann Joanna i Piotr Perczynscy Aneta Hoffmann
BATOR Edward Krystyna Szypowska Krystyna Szypowska Maciej Domaradzki
BEGIN Menachem Claire Turenne-Sjolander, The Menachem Begin Archives (Israel), and Krystyna Szypowska n/a Maciej Domaradzki
FIJAL Edwarda Krystyna Szypowska, Henry Sokolowski Marcin Lewandowski
GARLICKI Andrzej Krystyna Szypowska Krystyna Szypowska Katarzyna Dubowska
GONDEK Zbigniew Krystyna Szypowska, Henry Sokolowski Marcin Lewandowski Aneta Hoffmann
GRADOSIELSKA Danuta Elzunia Olsson, Krystyna Szypowska Artur Nieweglowski Maciej Domaradzki
KOZLOWSKA Halina Krystyna Szypowska Agata Manikowska Maciej Domaradzki
KROLCZYK Jozef Krystyna Szypowska Frank Pleszak Maciej Domaradzki
KROLIKOWSKI Father Lucjan Casimir Majewski, Krystyna Szypowska Aneta Hoffmann Maciej Domaradzki
KUSTRA Franek Anna Pacewicz, Danielle Cerisier, Krystyna Szypowska Frances Gates, Sophia Turkiewicz Aneta Hoffmann
LIPINSKI Romuald Krystyna Szypowska Maria Szonert Maciej Domaradzki
MAKOWSKI Boleslaw Krystyna Szypowska Krystyna Szypowska
MRZYK Alfons Aneta Hoffmann, Maciej Domaradzki, Krystyna Szypowska Aneta Hoffmann Krystyna Szypowska
NARĘBSKI Wojciech Aneta Hoffmann, Katarzyna Dubowska, Krystyna Szypowska Aneta Hoffmann Olga Orłowska
SKRZYNSKI Tomasz Aneta Hoffmann, Krystyna Szypowska Kazimierz Dymanus Krystyna Szypowska

Irena Anders  (NB 1)

The text about the life of Irena Renata Anders was approved by her daughter, Anna Maria.  The video clips that are embedded in the text were graciously provided by Joanna and Piotr Perczynski, who produced the documentary movie “Moja mlodość, moje szczęscie, mój świat” (My youth, my good luck, my world), Antares Studio, 2006.


We were saddened to learn of the sudden death, on 8 October 2012, of Boleslaw MAKOWSKI of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Makowski had been looking forward to reviewing the materials, and being present when the exhibition was made public. Our sincere condolences go to his children and extended family.

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Jozef KROLCZYK on 23 December 2012, in Manchester England.  He was a decorated veteran and had generously participated in local Polonia affairs for many decades.  Our sincere condolences go to his children and extended family.