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Władysław Pacewicz, Able-bodied Seaman

End of war operations Holland & Belgium, May.

May 1945 ORP Garland carried out emergency supplies for delivery to ports in Holland and Belgium. In July and August 1945 ORP Garland was deployed for Flotilla duties including support of military re-occupation in German ports.End of War OperationsOn 25th May 1945 Władysław Pacewicz was promoted to the rank of Navy Senior Private – Starszy Marynarz. At this time, ORP Garland, on which he was serving, was carrying out emergency supplies for delivery to ports in Holland Belgium. In July 1945 Garland joined the 23rd Destroyer Flotilla of the Home Fleet. Her duties included support of the military re-occupation of German ports.

Operations for other vessels in the Polish Navy can be summarized as follows:

ORP “Conrad”

Under repair at HM Dockyard, Chatham from May to June.

The war diary of C-in-C Home Fleet records that ORP “Conrad” remained at Sheerness, docking between 1st and 30th May.  On the 30th May she left Southend (on the north side of the Thames from Sheerness) and arrived at Scapa Flow on the 31st.

ORP “Piorun”

1st May – Deployed at Scapa Flow to work-up for operational service.

On 8th May ORP “Piorun” returns to base at ScapaFlow.

On completion of work-up on 25th May deployed with the Home Fleet.

ORP “Krakowiak”

Remained with Home Fleet after VE Day. Polish manning continued. Deployed in support of military re-occupation of German territory.  27th May, along with ORP “Ślązak” were the first ships under the Polish flag that entered the German Navy port of Wilhelmshaven.

ORP “Ślązak”

May to August: Transferred to Nore Local Flotilla based at Chatham.  Deployed with HM Escort Destroyers “Garth”, “Eglinton”, “Hambledon”, “Holderness”, “Mendip” and ORP “Krakowiak” for escort of military convoys in North Command and the support of re-occupation operations in NW Europe.

Source: Robert Ostrycharz, http://www.polishforcesinbritain.info/PolishNavypostwar1945.htm


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