Ludwik Finkelstein - Ludwik Finkelstein

Ludwik Finkelstein - Ludwik Finkelstein

Roman Marchwicki - Multinational Grodno

Janina (Stobniak) Smogorzewska - Osada Krechowiecka, Wolyn

Edmund Brzozowski - Brzozowski Szkoła Podchorążych 1939

Roman Marchwicki - War with Nazi Germany

Janina (Lepszy) Rychalska - Janina (Lepszy) Rychalska

Genowefa (Maziarz) Czerwinska - Wartime song

Genowefa sings a wartime song that her father used to sing.

Janina (Lepszy) Rychalska - Janina (Lepszy) Rychalska

Describing the different ethnic groups that lived in Kolomya.

Bolesław Makowski - Multi Ethnic School before WW2

Describes how his school was multi-ethnic before WWII, and how everyone basically got along.

Ludwik Cytera - Written biography of Ludwik Cytera

This is the life story of Ludwik Cytera as discovered and written up by his grandson Christopher Cytera.

Dioniza (Gradzik) Choros - Attending Ukranian Church

Dioniza describes how the school children attended services at the Ukrainian church, until the Catholic church was built and a priest arrived in the village.

Irena (Chojnacka) Kuś - Irena remembers names of all the settlers

Irene names all the neighbours that lived on the Military Settlement of Radziwiłłów.

Władysław Niezgoda - Life with Belorussians up to the deportation

Describing how the Poles and Belorussians co-existed in that area, then the Russian invasion and the day of deportation.

Diakon Czesław Pukacz - Beginnings on the Osada

Czeslaw describes what life was like when the Osada was first set up, and how his father had to live in the initial stages.

Stefan Bogusław Mączka -

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Learning to swim and fish

Miecyzslaw speaks of his youth in Poland, and how he learned to swim and fish in a neighbourhood swimming hole.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Pre WWII Hunting

Mieczyslaw describes a typical hunting expedition in the forests near his home.

Stefan Slawek - School and life in Kresy

Stefan describes how the schools were set up in his area. He also discusses home life and how his father provided a good life for them.

Krystyna (Kuchcicka) Tomaszewicz - School and the Ukranians

Krystyna describes the way Ukrainian was taught to boys but not to girls in grade school, and describes how the Poles and Ukrainians lived very well together.

Antoni Goleniowski - Memoir

A typed/condensed version of my Grandfather's original handwritten Memoir