The objectives of the Foundation are to inspire, promote and support the worldwide research, remembrance and recognition of Polish citizens’ struggles under occupation and in exile in connection with the Second World War; and in doing so to:

  • Record the experiences of Polish citizens living in Poland before and during the Second World War and their life in exile during and after the war.
  • Focus on the experiences of Polish citizens affected by the Soviet invasion and occupation of eastern Poland, both during and after the war.
  • Preserve the memory of the former Eastern Borderlands of the Second Republic of Poland prior to Soviet occupation and of the Polish citizens of different ethnicities and religions who had lived there for centuries.
  • Support the exiled Polish citizens and their descendants in their efforts to research the fate of their families, to widen their knowledge about their Polish roots and to strengthen their connections with the Polish nation.
  • Promote and support cooperation between the members of Polonia and Poles living abroad with the Polish nation in the areas of education, research, culture, religion and economics.
  • Build knowledge and appreciation of Polish culture in Polonia communities.
  • Deepen knowledge and appreciation inside Poland of Polonia and the Polish emigration.
  • Promote the scientific and cultural achievements of Poles and of Polonia.