Wojciech Narębski - Poles in Buzuluk

Aleksander Bogdan - Training in 2nd Corps

Aleksander explains the training that he and his colleagues went through in the Middle East.

Jan Kołodziński - His fathers death and burial in Kermine

Jan tells us how he learned of his father’s death, and how the dead were buried in communal graves.

Eugenia (Piotuch) Smolnicki - They saved a Polish youth in the Russian Army

On the journey south to join the Polish Army, they met up with a Polish youth who had been conscripted into the Russian Army, and her father decided to save

Stanisław Migut - Life in Uzbekistan

Stanisław Migut - Evacuation to Africa

Stanisław Migut - Evacuation to Africa Part 2

Antoni Goleniowski - Memoir

A typed/condensed version of my Grandfather's original handwritten Memoir