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To jest przykładowy opis.

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Fact that you must know:
  • The Polish Army in the East opened its HQ in Buzuluk, Orenburg District of the Ural Mountains, on 5 September, 1941
  • On 13th April 1940 320,000 targeted family members of “enemies” were forcibly deported to Kazakhstan.
  • On 10th February 1940 220,000 osadniks, the military settlers and foresters, were forcibly deported to forced labour in the arctic north of USSR.
  • In total 1 to 2 million Polish people were deported into the depths of Russia. They faced forced labour, squalid living conditions, starvation and disease.
  • In 1943 the Polish government-in-exile estimated that at least 271,325 Poles were trapped in the USSR, forced to take Soviet citizenship.
  • The 1st Polish Army was part of the Soviet force that successfully took Berlin in May 1945, ending WW2.
  • Over 2.5 million men formed the Red Army that pushed through Western Poland in early 1945 – and over 200,000 were Polish.
  • The 1st Polish Army, commanded by General Berling, fought under Rokossovsky’s 1st Byelorussian Front and in July 1944 they crossed the River Bug.
  • In May 1943 the 1st Kosciuszko Infantry Division was formed and led by then Lieutenant Colonel Zygmunt Berling. It was under Red Army Command.
  • In 1944 the Polish 2nd Corps were transferred to Italy where they were an independent unit of the British Eight Army under General Oliver Leese.

Wall of Tribute

Survivor Testimonies

Survivor Testimonies

To jest przykładowy opis.
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