Sala Świadectw

Jan/John Migut - Work in the forest

Jan describes the work that his father and sister had to do, as well as the food rations they were given.

Jan/John Migut - Describes the barracks

Jan describes how the barracks looked and the conditions they had to sleep in.

Jan/John Migut - Girl in potato sack

Jan tells how a man on the train tried to save his daughter by putting her in a potato sack and lowering her outside the train at one of the

Jan/John Migut - Russians come 10 Feb 1940

Jan describes how the Russians came to get them and others, and take them to the train station.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - President of SPK Oshawa

Mieczyslaw describes his community involvement and some of the successes he helped to achieve.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Seriously wounded at the battle of Breda

Mieczyslaw describes the injuries he received at Breda and the medical treatments he received.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Liberating Thielt Belgium

Mieczyslaw describes the way the people of the town welcomed the Polish troops with flowers, and celebration.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Chambois and Falaise

Mieczyslaw states how horrific these battles were, and how the aftermath is impossible to describe.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Pre D Day course on tanks

Mieczyslaw was sent on special training prior to D-Day, in order to learn how to equip tanks so that they would float ashore.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Asked to contribute to amnestied soldiers

Mieczyslaw explains how the Polish soldiers in Scotland were asked to contribute some of their pay to the Polish soldiers who had recently been released from the USSR.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - French campaign then sail to UK

Mieczyslaw partook in the French campaign and, when France surrendered, he made his way to the UK.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Evacuation to Hungary

Mieczyslaw describes getting to Hungary and being interned there.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Polish troops shot at Maczek by mistake

Mieczyslaw describes an event where Polish troops shot at Col. Maczek’s car by mistake and how, years later, he received a letter from Gen. Maczek attesting to the fact that

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Col Maczek forms 10 Armoured Brigade

Mieczyslaw describes how, just prior to the September Campaign, he became part of the 10th Armoured Brigade under Colonel Maczek.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Learning to swim and fish

Miecyzslaw speaks of his youth in Poland, and how he learned to swim and fish in a neighbourhood swimming hole.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Pre WWII Hunting

Mieczyslaw describes a typical hunting expedition in the forests near his home.

Czesław Borek - Found to have TB in Canada

On arrival in Canada, Czeslaw passed a more detailed medical examination in Kingston, Ontario and was found to have active TB on his left lung. He and some 100 others

Czesław Borek - Work and death in exile

Czeslaw explains how he and his brother worked as goat shepherds, which provided them with more food during the short summer months. He also describes the death of his 2

Czesław Borek - Accused of escape - defended by NKVD officer

Czeslaw explains how he and a friend were wrongly accused of having escaped from a work camp, and an NKVD officer defended them against this accusation.

Regina (Rozwadowska) Gasztold - Father found them in Teheran

Regina describes how, by pure chance, her father found them in the camp in Teheran

Regina (Rozwadowska) Gasztold - Brother Michal shot in prison

Regina tells how they learned much later about the fact that her brother was shot trying to escape from the Russian prison.

Regina (Rozwadowska) Gasztold - Russians took house and everything

Regina describes how the Russians came and told her mother that they were taking the house and all the belongings in it. She was left with a blanket and a

Wanda (Jabłońska) Gillon - Malaria and DDT in Africa

Wanda tells how malaria was an ever-present fact of life, since it was impossible to escape being bitten by mosquitoes, even though they used DDT.

Wanda (Jabłońska) Gillon - Camp life in Africa

Wanda describes the freedom that the children enjoyed in Africa, and the adventures that they enjoyed.