Sala Świadectw

Józek Jagiełło - Ship to Bombay

Jozef describes the crossing to Bombay and how incredibly hot it was on the ship

Józek Jagiełło - Chasing scorpions

Jozef describes daily life in Teheran and how he and his friends chased scorpions for fun

Maria (Sztela) Juralewicz - Learning that mother died in Buchara

Irena describes how a former neighbour from the Kresy was a witness to her mother having died in Buchara, Uzbekistan.

Maria (Sztela) Juralewicz - Father dies on the train

Irena describes how their father suddenly died on the train, on the trip south, hours after her mother was left behind at one of the stations.

Maria (Sztela) Juralewicz - Attending Russian School

Maria describes the Russian school that she attended in Siberia and some of the subjects that she liked best.

Krystyna (Kuchcicka) Tomaszewicz - Mother worked on ice rails

Krystyna describes the work her mother did during the winter – maintaining the ice rails that were used to slide the wood out of the forest.

Krystyna (Kuchcicka) Tomaszewicz - Drownings on Barges

Krystyna describes the 3 day trip on a barge and how many people drowned, since it was very crowded and there were no barriers to prevent them falling into the

Krystyna (Kuchcicka) Tomaszewicz - Russians enter and boy shot

Krystyna describes what the Russian troops looked like when the entered Lwow, and how they killed a young boy who was laughing at their ragged uniforms.

Krystyna (Kuchcicka) Tomaszewicz - Bombing of Lwow

Krystyna describes what she saw as they approached Lwow at the onset of the war.

Krystyna (Kuchcicka) Tomaszewicz - School and the Ukranians

Krystyna describes the way Ukrainian was taught to boys but not to girls in grade school, and describes how the Poles and Ukrainians lived very well together.

Krystyna (Kuchcicka) Tomaszewicz - Father Wounded

Krystyna describes the scene as all the volunteers marched off to join the Army, and how her father was wounded and nearly buried alive before he regained consciousness.

Stanisław Migut - Sibir

Stanisław Migut - Sibir Pt 2

Stanisław Migut - Life in Nowosibirsk

Stanisław Migut - Life in Nowosibirsk pt 2. Jews

Stanisław Migut - Father in the hospital

Stanisław Migut - Life in Uzbekistan

Stanisław Migut - Evacuation to Africa

Stanisław Migut - Evacuation to Africa Part 2

Stanisław Migut - Life conditions in Africa

Stanisław Migut - Tengeru

Stanisław Migut - Relations with the locals in Africa

Stanisław Migut - History of father Krolikowski

Stanisław Migut - Emigration