Sala Świadectw

Aniela (Kosakowska) Janicka - Taken by Germans

Aniela describes when the family were taken by force by the Germans for forced labour and brother Czesław disappeared forever.

Aniela (Kosakowska) Janicka - Ukranian Threat

Aniela talks about how the family fled to Dubno. Her mother returned to their home to fetch food & belongings but everything had been taken and a Ukrainian man threatened

Aniela (Kosakowska) Janicka - Helping Jews

Aniela describes how the Jews would come to their house at night to ask for food – helping them risked Aniela’s family being shot by the Germans.

Aniela (Kosakowska) Janicka - German Guns

Aniela remembers that when the Germans invaded Kresy, they gave the Ukrainians guns who then shot the local Jews into dug out graves.

Maria Nowotarska Kołodzińska - Maria sings a Polish Song

Maria sings the song the lady taught her in the Persian hospital. Full text of the original song, by Teofil Lenartowicz (words) and Ignacy Komorowski (music): “Idzie sobie pacholę Przez

Andrew Syska - Personal Memoir

Stefan Halamaj - Deported to USSR

Stefan describes the Soviet invasion, being recruited by the Soviets at school as a trade apprentice but then being deported in a wagon to the USSR.

Barbara (Rodziewicz) Witrzens - Family in the UK

Barbara talks about her mother leaving Poland in 1956 to finally re-join Barbara’s father and brother who had remained in the UK after the end of the war.

Barbara (Rodziewicz) Witrzens - Mother Arrested

Barbara talks about her mother being arrested in Siberia by the NKVD for teaching Polish children the Polish language.

Barbara (Rodziewicz) Witrzens - USSR 2

Barbara talks about her father and brother leaving with Anders Army but that she and her mother remained in Siberia for 6 years.

Barbara Witrzens - USSR

Barbara talks about her father following the family to the USSR following their deportation and then enlisting in Anders Army.

Wladyslaw Zarczynski - Bandit Killed

Władysław describes when his cousin Kazio shot the Bandit leader from his bunker position during the defence of Choromce from the UPA attack.

Wladyslaw Zarczynski - UPA Attack

Władysław describes the chaos during the UPA attack to the Polish defence of Choromce – the village burning and shots being fired.

Wladyslaw Zarczynski - Victims

Władysław describes seeing the bodies of 85 Polish people who were killed by the UPA bandits during the Wołyn Massacres.

Antoni Goleniowski - Memoir

A typed/condensed version of my Grandfather's original handwritten Memoir

Wladyslaw Zarczynski - Cousin Killed

Władysław describes when UPA bandits murdered his cousin with a pick in the town of Parosla during the Wołyn Massacres.