Profile - Pacewicz Wladyslaw Franciszek

Personal situation at the outbreak of WWII

Deportations and repressions

Military Experience

Other wartime circumstances

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Photo (11)
Jan Pacewicz
Wladek\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s father - Jan Pacewicz, Katyn
General Sikorski during an inspection on ORP Piorun
Polish Navy
Wladyslaw Pacewicz (front) Polish Navy, probably 1943
Gdansk Battle Ship
Finally in the 1990s Wladyslaw returned to Poland after an absensce of over 50 years. He had always wanted to to go Westerplatte on the Baltic.
Piorun 1
Unknown but possibly ORP Piorun during a ceremony or mass in Murmansk after the disastrous convoy of PQ17
Wladyslaw and Stasyk
Reunited with his Uncle Stasyk (left)after over 50 years
Polish Navy
Wladyslaw Pacewicz, Polish Navy 1942-1945
Baltic 1990s
Back in Poland after over 50 years at Westplatte.
Communion of Wladyslaw Pacewicz, Rowne, before 1939
Polish Navy Card
Reverse side of Polish Navy Card
Polish Navy Card
Front of Navy Card for Wlaydslaw Pacewicz