Krystyna Downey - Life in New Zealand

Krystyna was one of the first of the Polish Children from Pahiatua to graduate from University in New Zealand at the age of 20. This is a talk she gave

o. Łucjan Królikowski - Advice to young people

Irena Renata (Jarosiewicz (aka Bogdanska)) Anders - Post War Life

This video clip is from the documentary “Moja młodość, moje szczęście, mój świat…“ (My youth, my good luck, my world). Scenario & realization: Joanna and Piotr Perczyński, Photos & mounting:

Edward Bator - Marriage and Children

Marriage in France, followed by a son and a daughter

Edward Bator - US Army career

Describing the years in the US military

Andrzej Garlicki - Coming to Canada

Describing the early years in Canada.

Halina (Januszewicz) Kozłowska - First Job in Canada

Describing the kind of work she did at her first job in Canada

Henryk Franciszek Kustra - Australia part 2

Frank describes how the builder he worked for in Australia was a driver in Iran, and had driven the Polish refugees from the Pahlavi to Teheran.

Henryk Franciszek Kustra - Australia

An Australian at the Cairo hospital said I should come to Australia after the war.

Anna (Madejewska) Moszczyńska - Life in the UK

Mieczysław Hampel - Yalta & Teheran

Mieczysław Hampel - Emmigrant’s reflections

Ryszard Saper - Post war repressions

Danuta (Szczerba-Likiernik vel Gąbińska) Waydenfeld - Hard years after the war

Maria Skałka (s. Maria Lucia) - Post-war reunion of family members

Teofila (siostra Maria Dionette) Werner - Visiting Poland 33 years after her deportation to Siberia

Jozefa (Kasznia) Kapera - Do for Others like they did for Her

Jozefa describes how it has always been natural for her to do community work – like her years of work with the Polish Girl Guides in the UK – because

Romuald E Lipiński - USA

Sławomir Jerzy Sadowski - Outdshoorn and further fates in Africa

Aniela (Wawrzyńczyk) Zychowicz - Life in UK

Very active in Sheffield Polish community: Organizing and developing Polish identity in the UK within “polish ghettos”.

Jan Moczulski - First job in London

Describing his first job in London England

Stanislawa Teresa (Jakubowska) Pawlik - Education in UK

Describing how she decided to continue her studies and was awarded a bursary by the Polish-Government-in-Exile (Polish Resettlement Corps)

Leszek Makiewicz - From UK to USA

Explains how he got to America

Romuald Mańkowski - Sum up the Good and Bad

Summing up the good and bad things about his life experiences.

Ryszard Krzysztofiak - Arrives in USA

Tells of reuniting with his parents and siblings after 20 years.