Zbigniew Pniewski - ZbigniewPniewski.PDF

Autobiography of Zbigniew Pniewski . Nr ewidencyjny 3 DSK/Serial Nr in 3 DSK 1920/8 Escaped Poland in 1940, in order to avoid conscription into the German Army - made his

Ludwik Karol Pisarski - My Story of the War, 1939 to 1945

– From Lwów, to the Siberian Gulag, Monte Cassino, Loreto and Lago di Como. In his own words, my father describes the outbreak of WW2 and his arrest by the

Henryk Franciszek Kustra - Italian Campaign

Our job was to drive around with the radio truck.

NN. Małaszek - Work in Anders’ Army headquarter

Ryszard Dembiński - Situation in Persia

Stanisław Żurakowski - Good life in the Army

Józef Jankowski - Józef Jankowski

Stefan Podsiadlo - Monte Cassino Attack

Stefan recounts the offensive on Monte Cassino in May 1944

Józefa (Korab) Olenska - Battle of Bologna

Jozefa describes the action at Bologna and the fact that all the soldiers in her transport were killed during there, as a result of American bombing raids that mistook the

Tomasz Skrzyński - Ancona

Irena Renata (Jarosiewicz (aka Bogdanska)) Anders - Monte Cassino

This video clip is from the documentary “Moja młodość, moje szczęście, mój świat…“ (My youth, my good luck, my world). Scenario & realization: Joanna and Piotr Perczyński, Photos & mounting:

Irena (Krzykowska) Siedlecka - In Italy with Transport Corps

Describing the ammunition and goods they delivered, and the parts of Italy she went through.

Irena (Krzykowska) Siedlecka - Warning shot for a Soldier in Italy

Describes how a Polish soldier with an American companion approached her while she was standing guard over the vehicles one evening, threatening damage, and having to fire a warning shot.

Jadwiga (Rzeczycka) Rybiński - Road accident in Italy

Describing an incident involving a bridge that she had to cross at night, in the rain.

Jadwiga (Rzeczycka) Rybiński - Humour at Monte Cassino

Describing how she and the other Women’s Auxiliary members would hide under their beds during the bombing, and would later joke about it.

Edward Moczulski - At Monte Cassino

Describing his participation at the battle of Monte Cassino

Jadwiga Bukowinski - Nurse at Monte Cassino

Describing the hospitals in the area, and the huge number of injured and dead at Monte Cassino.

Bolesław Makowski - Virtuti Militari and Cross of Valour

Describes receiving the medals during the Italian campaign.

Bolesław Makowski - Motorcycle with German POW

Describing how he took a German POW back to base, on his motorcycle.

Bolesław Makowski - Why did Poles fight

Explains the reasons why Poles continued to fight in the war

Bolesław Makowski - School in Italy

Describing how he attended school during the Italian campaign, with a view to becoming an officer.

Maria Osadca - Meeting husband in Ancona

Describing how she met her husband and he asked her to marry him the next day. They were married after only 5 meetings.

Maria Osadca - Ancona Hospital

Describing the condition of the hospital – all the windows were blown out by the bombing. Wounded were arriving from all the battles after Cassino.

Maria Osadca - wounded from Cassino

Describing the set up of the hospital and dealing with the massive number of wounded from the Battle of Monte Cassino.

Feliks (junior) Scazighino - Uncle from 2 Corps to 1 PAD to Meppen

Describing how his Uncle was promoted in the Polish 2nd Corps, and eventually replaced General Maczek and served in the iPAD in Meppen.