Tomasz Skrzyński - atmosfera w SBSK

Tomasz Skrzyński - sytuacja pod Tobrukiem

Tomasz Skrzyński - Commander o SBSK

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Jan Towarnicki - Distinguishing sounds of tanks

Explaining how they tried to distinguish the sounds of the tanks in order to avoid shooting on an Ally

Jan Towarnicki - Evacuating France by ship

Describing how they waited for the ship to take them from France to England, how they boarded, and then were bombed by a German plane moments after pulling away from

Jan Towarnicki - Reaching Army in France

Escaping Poland and traveling across Europe to join the Polish Army in France

Feliks (junior) Scazighino - Uncle from 2 Corps to 1 PAD to Meppen

Describing how his Uncle was promoted in the Polish 2nd Corps, and eventually replaced General Maczek and served in the iPAD in Meppen.

Ewa (Borkowska) Mikusiński - Meets husband and learns of Uncle's death

Ewa describes how she met her husband in France, and how she learned of her uncle’s death from released POWs who were in the same camp with him.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Seriously wounded at the battle of Breda

Mieczyslaw describes the injuries he received at Breda and the medical treatments he received.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Liberating Thielt Belgium

Mieczyslaw describes the way the people of the town welcomed the Polish troops with flowers, and celebration.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Chambois and Falaise

Mieczyslaw states how horrific these battles were, and how the aftermath is impossible to describe.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Pre D Day course on tanks

Mieczyslaw was sent on special training prior to D-Day, in order to learn how to equip tanks so that they would float ashore.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Asked to contribute to amnestied soldiers

Mieczyslaw explains how the Polish soldiers in Scotland were asked to contribute some of their pay to the Polish soldiers who had recently been released from the USSR.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - French campaign then sail to UK

Mieczyslaw partook in the French campaign and, when France surrendered, he made his way to the UK.