Krystyna Kołodyńska-Downey -

This is a memoir of Krystyna's time in Kazakhstan and her eventual coming to New Zealand as one of the Polish children who stayed at Pahiatua.

o. Łucjan Królikowski - Acceptance to priesthood studies

Halina (Januszewicz) Kozłowska - Identifying the dead

Describing how the deceased were identified, guessing at the age of the person.

Halina (Januszewicz) Kozłowska - Telling a mother her son died

Describing having to tell a mother that her son had died during the night.

Henryk Franciszek Kustra - Middle East

Being told all that they will be learning, now that they will be educated.

Ryszard Dembiński - Situation in Persia

Teofila (siostra Maria Dionette) Werner - Recollections of the camp in Iran, 1942

Joanna (Michalak) Synowiec - The fate of a Polish child in Iran, 1942

Józefa (Korab) Olenska - Poem about Palentine

Jozefa recites a poem from their time in Palestine

Józefa (Korab) Olenska - Sandstorm in Egypt

Jozefa describes a sandstorm in Egypt that lasted 7 days.

Maria (Żak) Szklarz - Evacuation with Anders Army

Zbigniew Gondek - Classes in Middle East

Organization of classes in Middle East

Zbigniew Ostrowski - Evacuation to Persia – mother’s dilemma

Sławomir Jerzy Sadowski - Fates of the deported family

Sławomir Jerzy Sadowski - Outdshoorn and further fates in Africa

Maria (Kapera) Cendrowska - Mother died in Teheran

Describing how her uncle found her mother in Teheran – she was very ill – and he told her that her eldest son had joined the Polish Army, and the

Wieslaw Adamowicz - Life as a Cadet

Describing the harsh conditions in the Middle East and the rigorous daily routine that he experienced during his 6 years as a cadet.

Ludwik Hajduk - Life in the Junaks

Describing the bi-weekly medical tests, as well as the frequent haircuts. They would save the hair clippings and stuff leather balls with them.

Roger Scazighino - Getting from India to Teheran

Describing the problems their mother had in getting them from India to Teheran.

Dioniza (Gradzik) Choros - Mother dies and sisters are separated

Dioniza describes when her mother died in the Teheran hospital, and then how she felt when she and her sisters all ended up in different locations.

Ewa (Borkowska) Mikusiński - Life in Teheran

Ewa describes how she and her parents lived in Teheran, including the apartment that her father rented for them.

Halina (Myszak) Babinska - Mother dies in Pahlevi

Halina’s mother became more and more ill as they were evacuated to Persia, and she died on the beach in Pahlevi just hours after they arrived there. When she died,

Maria Nowotarska Kołodzińska - English version of Polish song

Maria explains the song in English.

Maria Nowotarska Kołodzińska - Hospital in Persia

Maria describes her stay in the hospital in Persia and talks about the lady who saved her from despair.

Jan Kołodziński - Journey to Iran on trucks

Jan describes the journey over the mountains, in the back of lorries, and how he would have frozen to death if a kind lady had not lent him a blanket.