Krystyna Kołodyńska-Downey -

This is a memoir of Krystyna's time in Kazakhstan and her eventual coming to New Zealand as one of the Polish children who stayed at Pahiatua.

Jan "John" Roy-Wojciechowski - Journey to New Zealand

Dioniza (Gradzik) Choros - What scouting meant to them

Dioniza describes all that the children learned from scouting, and how it helped them develop and grow.

Dioniza (Gradzik) Choros - Scouting setup at Pahiatua

Dioniza describes the different scouting groups that were set up at Pahiatua camp.

Dioniza (Gradzik) Choros - Life in the camp then Yalta

Dioniya describes what life was like at the Pahiatua camp, as well as the reaction when they learned about Yalta and that they would not be returning to Poland.

Dioniza (Gradzik) Choros - Ship from Bombay to NZ

Dioniza describes the sea voyage on the ship, General Randall.

Dioniza (Gradzik) Choros - Scouts commemorate Warsaw Uprising with special camp fire

Already on the ship to New Zealand, Mrs Kozera the Chief Scout made plans to commemorate the Warsaw Uprising at a special campfire held in Pahiatua soon after the children’s

Maria Nowotarska Kołodzińska - Holidays in New Zealand

Maria describes the holidays in New Zealand and the locals were good to the Polish children. She also describes how another child “diddled” her out of half a crown coin

Maria Nowotarska Kołodzińska - English version of Polish song

Maria explains the song in English.

Maria Nowotarska Kołodzińska - Hospital in Persia

Maria describes her stay in the hospital in Persia and talks about the lady who saved her from despair.

Maria Nowotarska Kołodzińska - Surviving Kazakhstan - sourcing food

Maria describes the different ways in which the children would find sources of food while they were in Kazakhstan.

Eugenia (Piotuch) Smolnicki - NZ Soldiers amazed at how much they ate

The New Zealand soldiers who cared for the children at the camp were very surprised at their bottomless appetites.

Eugenia (Piotuch) Smolnicki - Children boarding ship and crossing to Pahlevi

Describing how frightening it was to board the ship, and how they ended up crawling up. Also describes the voyage to Pahlevi.

Eugenia (Piotuch) Smolnicki - Rain for the first time in years

On their first morning in Pahiatua, the children experienced rain for the first time in many years. They rushed outside to enjoy it.

Eugenia (Piotuch) Smolnicki - Arrived in India - each Indian carried a small suitcase

Arriving in India, the children walked the kilometer or so to the camp. Walking beside each child was an Indian, who carried the child’s small suitcase. It was quite a

Eugenia (Piotuch) Smolnicki - Young boy posessed by the devil

One night, every child in the room witnessed what seemed to be a boy possessed by the Devil

Maria (Tarasiewicz) van der Linden - Genl Sulik children smuggled out of Poland

Maria tells how her cousins were smuggled out of Poland by Jews leaving for Palestine, in thanks for having saved their children.

Józek Jagiełło - Going to Kiwi school

Jozef describes how difficult it was for him to leave the camp school and go to a native school in the area.

Józek Jagiełło - Banished from being an altar boy

Jozef describes being caught drinking the wine and being banned from being an altar boy as a result.

Józek Jagiełło - Boys make wine at Pahiatua

Jozef describes how he and his friends took to making wine from the berries that grew in abundance around the camp. The enterprise was not very successful.

Józek Jagiełło - Arriving at Pahiatua

Jozef describes their arrival at the camp in Pahiatua and how upset the adults were because it was surrounded by a barbwire fence. The camp had been a POW camp

Józek Jagiełło - Disembarking in Wellington

Jozef describes the scene when they arrived in Wellington and got off the ship. They were amazed at the number of people who came to greet them.

Józek Jagiełło - Endless Food

Jozef describes the crossing to New Zealand and how food was available to them around the clock. They were thrilled to take advantage of every morsel they could get.

Maria Nowotarska Kołodzińska - Maria sings a Polish Song

Maria sings the song the lady taught her in the Persian hospital. Full text of the original song, by Teofil Lenartowicz (words) and Ignacy Komorowski (music): “Idzie sobie pacholę Przez