Edmund Majewski - Majewski In gulag

Janina (Szrodecka) Kwiatkowska - The Kyrgyzs

Ryszard Dembiński - Kazakhs vs Russians

Ryszard Dembiński - Absurdal life in Russia

NN. Szkopiak - Childrens’s life in exile

Stefan Waydenfeld - Relations between exiles and Russians

Halina (Malasiewicz) Żywuszko - Kazakhstan conditions

Franciszka (Walukiewicz) Błażewicz - Bears in Taiga

Irena (Adamowicz vel Mieszkowicz) Gan - Prisoners’ in move

Irena (Adamowicz vel Mieszkowicz) Gan - Relations with NKVD

Helena (Mickiewicz) Giebień - Women’s brigade

Helena (Mickiewicz) Giebień - Surviving

Jan Pacyna - Alcohol in Gulag

Kazimierz Szukiel - Particular life of Soviet prisoner

Teresa (Niedzielska) Sokołowska - Conditions of life of the deportees in the Archangielsk region

Jozefa (Kasznia) Kapera - Father was on the ship that was sunk by the Russians

Jozefa explains how she only learned in recent years about how her father died – he was one of the deportees that was on the ship that was sunk by

Jozefa (Kasznia) Kapera - Family members who died first in USSR

Jozefa describes conditions in the Gulag and the family members who died there.

Eugeniusz Cydzik - Soviet invasion, fights for Grodno

Eugeniusz Cydzik - Journey to Workuta gulag

Eugeniusz Cydzik - Work at Vorkuta mines

Aniela (Wawrzyńczyk) Zychowicz - Working in Uzbekistan

Describing how she helped her 3 sisters in the cotton fields, in order to earn more soup and bread.

- Death of her sister

Describing how her sister fell in the river, then was forced to work in wet clothing, developed pneumonia and died a week later.

Leszek Makiewicz - Fate of his father

Describing his father’s arrest, deportation to Murmansk, and his eventual death there.

Romuald Mańkowski - Conditions in gulag

Describing the living conditions in the Gulag, and how they got worse after the Germans attacked the Russians.

Bolesław Makowski - Underground set forest fires

Describing how they would start fires in the forest in order to get triple bread rations.