Eugenia (Piotuch) Smolnicki - Children lost in the forest

Eugenia describes how she and a friend went to pick mushrooms in the forest and got lost. Luckily they managed to find their way back to the camp.

Eugenia (Piotuch) Smolnicki - Mother sold things at market

Describing how her mother would sneak out of the camp to go to the local village and sell things at market, both for herself and for others in the camp.

Maria (Tarasiewicz) van der Linden - Fortune Telling to Survive

Maria tells how her mother took to fortune-telling in exchange for food during the winter months, thereby allowing them to survive.

Maria (Tarasiewicz) van der Linden - Describes kolhoz in N Kazakhstan

Maria describes the way they had to live when they arrived at the kolkhoz.

Jan/John Migut - Corpses in winter

Jan describes how the bodies of those who died during winter months would be piled outside, waiting for burial in the spring. Not knowing any better, the children would play

Jan/John Migut - Forest provides fruit and sap

Jan tells how they would gather berries, mushrooms and tree sap in the forest, to help them survive.

Jan/John Migut - Work in the forest

Jan describes the work that his father and sister had to do, as well as the food rations they were given.

Czesław Borek - Work and death in exile

Czeslaw explains how he and his brother worked as goat shepherds, which provided them with more food during the short summer months. He also describes the death of his 2

Wanda (Jabłońska) Gillon - Cooking and food provisions

Wanda describes the stove in the center of the barrack that was used for cooking, and the rotten vegetables they would be given.

Kazimierz Karwowski - Describes WC and bath house

Kazimierz describes the amenities in the camp.

Stanisław Lasek - Home Schooling at the Camp

Stan explains how only the children of the camp staff were sent to school. Consequently, the women got together and started a home schooling program for the Polish children. They

Krystyna (Kuchcicka) Tomaszewicz - Mother worked on ice rails

Krystyna describes the work her mother did during the winter – maintaining the ice rails that were used to slide the wood out of the forest.

Stanisław Migut - Life in Nowosibirsk

Jan Kazmierow - Sneaking loaves of bread

Jan describes how they managed to sneak loaves of bread after his brother is assigned to a delivery job during forced labour in the USSR.