Helena (Rogucka) Askierko - The partizans

Jan Kirszył - The Soviets

Witold Wróblewski - Fighting the occupier

Witold Wróblewski - Fighting the occupier pt.2

Witold Wróblewski - Conspiracy

Franciszek Brzezicki - German-Soviet war

Kazimierz Harasymowicz - Partizans

Kazimierz Harasymowicz - Soviet counterstrike

Ryszard Saper - Imprisonned in Samarkanda

Franciszka (Walukiewicz) Błażewicz - NKVD vs Belorussians

Franciszka (Walukiewicz) Błażewicz - Life under Soviet tyrrany

Wladyslaw (Ps. Zbór) Kaszyc - Arrested and sent to Gulag

Describes how he was arrested by the Soviets, who were previously their allies, and was sent to the Gulag for 2.5 years.

Genowefa (Maziarz) Czerwinska - Nearly gave up

The situation was so bad that she nearly committed suicide

Genowefa (Maziarz) Czerwinska - Repressions in the Kresy

Describing the consecutive repressions by the Soviets, the Nazis, then the Soviets again, as well as the Ukrainians.

Ryszard Krzysztofiak - Berling Army

Describing how, at the tender age of 14, he was part of Berling’s Army, and what his duties were.

Bernadetta (Gorzelanczyk) Kazmierow - The return of the father

Bernadette describes living under Soviet reoccupation and the return of her father.

Bernadetta (Gorzelanczyk) Kazmierow - Soviet reoccupation and journey home

Bernadette describes their journey back to their town after the Soviet reoccupation and their encounters with some of the Soviet soldiers along the way.

Bernadetta (Gorzelanczyk) Kazmierow - Soviet reoccupation and hiding in the forest

Bernadette describes the reoccupation and the night that they were hiding in a house in the forest as the Soviets fought the Germans, with Soviet patrols moving in and shooting

Wanda (Gorzelanczyk) Noble - Banning Polish during German occupation

Wanda describes the Germans banning Polish and burning books/documentation during the German occupation.

Wanda (Gorzelanczyk) Noble - Travelling across Germany

Wanda describes travelling across Germany to the British Zone following the Soviet reoccupation and then leaving for the UK.

Wanda (Gorzelanczyk) Noble - Soviet reoccupation and held at gunpoint

Wanda describes Soviet soldiers bailing her up with a gun to question if she is Polish or German during the reoccupation.

Wanda (Gorzelanczyk) Noble - Returning home to village

Wanda describes returning to her town, from hiding, after the Soviet/German frontline had moved through in 1944 during the reoccupation.

Wanda (Gorzelanczyk) Noble - Soviet Reoccupation and helping POW

Wanda describes the family taking in a POW and night bombings as the Soviets moved through Poland attacking the Germans.