Genowefa Rataj - part I

On Feb. 10th first they came between 12 and 1 a.m. – they knocked on the door and said they had gotten lost, and told father to harness his horses

Edward Bobel - Meeting with one of Katyn killers (NKVD)

Irena (Świeżyńska) Kuczyńska /Fusek-Forosiewicz - Katyn crime

Maria (Tarasiewicz) van der Linden - Signatures to release husband

Maria describes how her mother could have asked people to sign a petition to release her husband, but she chose not to endanger them in this way.

Maria (Tarasiewicz) van der Linden - Found husband in Starobielsk

Maria describes how her mother wrote to different camps and found her husband in the Starobielsk prison.