Janina (Lepszy) Rychalska - Janina (Lepszy) Rychalska

Describing how her father returned, after having evacuated to Romania with the Polish Army. He was arrested a few days later, and he ended up a victim at Katyn.

Andrzej Wieslaw Dębicki - Finding Poles in Uzbek Village

Describes how the younger, healthier soldiers were given money and transportation in order to scour the Uzbek countryside, looking for Polish citizens among the villages, so that they could provide

Andrzej Wieslaw Dębicki - Saved from going to Katyn

He was saved from being sent to Katyn with the other officers because a soldier he had known in Zakopane came up to him and told him to remove the

Andrzej Wieslaw Dębicki - Captured soldiers marched through Rowne

Andrzej describes how they were all marched through the town of Rowne on their way to the railway station, and transport to the Gulags. A unit of Polish Border Guards

Mieczysław Łutczyk - French campaign then sail to UK

Mieczyslaw partook in the French campaign and, when France surrendered, he made his way to the UK.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Evacuation to Hungary

Mieczyslaw describes getting to Hungary and being interned there.

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Polish troops shot at Maczek by mistake

Mieczyslaw describes an event where Polish troops shot at Col. Maczek’s car by mistake and how, years later, he received a letter from Gen. Maczek attesting to the fact that

Mieczysław Łutczyk - Col Maczek forms 10 Armoured Brigade

Mieczyslaw describes how, just prior to the September Campaign, he became part of the 10th Armoured Brigade under Colonel Maczek.