Stanislaw Kocinierski - Mom sick in India

Describing how his mother became ill in India and was hospitalized, while he and his sister were sent to the orphanage. When his mother was better, they were sent to

Daniela (Jasnocha) Toth - Funerals in Tengeru

Daniela describes what the funerals were like in Tengeru, Africa.

Daniela (Jasnocha) Toth - Huts in Tengeru

Daniela describes how they lived in Tengeru, Africa.

Daniela (Jasnocha) Toth - Life in Tengeru

Daniela describes what life was like for a child in Tengeru, Africa.

Irena (Chojnacka) Kuś - Describes life in Masindi

Irena describes how they cooked their meals, what the huts were like, and other details about life in Masindi.

Ryszard Lange - Life in Ifunda

Describing how life developed in Ifunda, with schools and activities for the youth, including the fact that boys his age were constantly leaving to join the cadets, but his mother

Kazimiera Smolinska - Kazia recalls life in Lusaka

Kazimiera recalls life in Africa, from the perspective of a very young child.

Wanda (Jabłońska) Gillon - Malaria and DDT in Africa

Wanda tells how malaria was an ever-present fact of life, since it was impossible to escape being bitten by mosquitoes, even though they used DDT.

Wanda (Jabłońska) Gillon - Camp life in Africa

Wanda describes the freedom that the children enjoyed in Africa, and the adventures that they enjoyed.

Kazimierz Karwowski - Life in Africa

Kazimierz explains how communication between the soldiers and their families was a priority, and describes life for them in Africa.

Stanisław Migut - Evacuation to Africa

Stanisław Migut - Life conditions in Africa

Stanisław Migut - Tengeru

Stanisław Migut - Relations with the locals in Africa

Stanisław Migut - History of father Krolikowski

Krystyna Teresa Andrecka - Grandfather's body never found

Krystyna explains that her grandfather was an officer who was killed by the Soviets but that his body was never found.

Krystyna Teresa Andrecka - Childhood in Tengeru

Krystyna describes her childhood in the Polish refugee camp of Tengeru in East Africa – the huts, the jungle and climbing trees.