Nadzieja (Biernik) Dawydczenko - Death of hunger and cold

Halina (Malasiewicz) Żywuszko - Relations between Poles and Ukrainians

Agnieszka (Mysliwa) Smolinska - Account of Ukrainian terror

Agnieszka describes how one of their Ukrainian neighbours warned them about the roving bands who were terrorizing Poles, and this saved their lives.

Franciszka (Walukiewicz) Błażewicz - Błażewicz Ukrainians from Wehrmacht

Bożena (Twarowska) Bockenhein - Ukrainians confront father

Bozena describes how a group of armed Ukrainians confront her father, and how she ran to the neighbour’s son to get him to do something to save her father.

Genowefa (Maziarz) Czerwinska - Repressions in the Kresy

Describing the consecutive repressions by the Soviets, the Nazis, then the Soviets again, as well as the Ukrainians.

Genowefa (Maziarz) Czerwinska - Ukrainian massacres

Describing how her family was attacked by Ukrainian neighbours

Wladyslaw Zarczynski - Bandit Killed

Władysław describes when his cousin Kazio shot the Bandit leader from his bunker position during the defence of Choromce from the UPA attack.

Wladyslaw Zarczynski - UPA Attack

Władysław describes the chaos during the UPA attack to the Polish defence of Choromce – the village burning and shots being fired.

Wladyslaw Zarczynski - Victims

Władysław describes seeing the bodies of 85 Polish people who were killed by the UPA bandits during the Wołyn Massacres.

Wladyslaw Zarczynski - Cousin Killed

Władysław describes when UPA bandits murdered his cousin with a pick in the town of Parosla during the Wołyn Massacres.