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List of school essays written by Polish children evacuated from the USSR to Iran in 1942. The originals are archived in the Wladyslaw Anders archives and Polish wartime archives at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University (USA).

Obtaining original documents

Copies of original, handwritten essays (in Polish) may be obtained by sending a request, citing the name and folder reference, to the archivist at Irena Czernichowska or archives@hoover.stanford.edu

On-line documents

The bulk of Hoover Archives’ World War II–era Polish archival collections has also been digitized and made available online by Poland’s National Digital Archives (Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe). The digitized copies were made from the 1,599 reels of microfilm donated by Hoover to Poland a decade ago and can be accessed on the NDA website www.szukajwarchiwach.pl. Note, the Box number is the last 3 digits in the archival reference, e.g., Box 116 = “800/41/0/-/116″

About the Source

The full Hoover Institution Polish collection includes over 18,000 original personal accounts and questionnaires of former prisoners and deportees, some documents dating back to 1941, most completed later, shortly after the 1942 evacuation from the Soviet Union. A detailed summary of the information is found at Hoover Institution Summary.

Detailed on-line finding guides to the three most relevant collections are found on the web at:
Wladyslaw Anders Papers, 1939-1946
Poland. Ambasada (Soviet Union) Records, 1941-1944
Poland. Ministerstwo Informacji i Dokumentacji Records, 1939-1945

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