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Archive: Hoover Institution (USA)
Archive: Jagna Wright & Aneta Naszyńska Films
Archive: National Library of Australia
Archive: Polish Border Protection Corps (KOP)
Book: JSK Cadet School 1942-1948
Book: Stalin’s Ethnic Cleansing in Eastern Poland: Tales of the Deported 1940-1946
Cemeteries: Africa
Cemeteries: Scotland
Cemetery: Canada, Pointe-Claire
Cemetery: England, Newark-upon-Trent
Cemetery: Iran, Tehran (Doulab)
Cemetery: Iraq, Baghdad
Cemetery: Iraq, Basra
Cemetery: Iraq, Habbaniya
Cemetery: Iraq, Khanaqin
Cemetery: Italy, Bologna
Cemetery: Italy, Casamassima
Cemetery: Italy, Loreto
Cemetery: Italy, Monte Cassino
Cemetery: Russia, Miednoje
Database: Ancestry.com
Database: Index of the Repressed
Database: Katyń Lists
Database: Memorial List (Moscow)
Index: 2nd Polish Corps
Index: Genocide of Poles in Kresy
Kresy-Siberia: KSVM Contributor
Kresy-Siberia: Property compensation claim
Kresy-Siberia: Survivor Testimony interview
Kresy-Siberia: Virtual Memorial Wall (2005)
List: 1st Polish Armoured Division, decorated soldiers
List: 316 Transport Company (WAAS)
List: 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division
List: 5th Kresy Heavy Machine Gun Battalion
List: 9th Light Artillery Regiment (Peplowski)
List: CPRDU “Lost Victims of Katyn?”
List: CPRDU “Lost Victims of Katyn?” (e-book)
List: Evacuated from USSR (Polska Walcząca)
List: Fallen Kosciuszko Division soldiers
List: Fallen Polish Armed Forces soldiers
List: Fallen at the Battle of Lenino
List: Iranian Archive 1942-1945
List: Military and Civilian Settlers
List: Military families deported to USSR
List: Poles in India 1943-1944
List: Poles in Tehran 1942-43 (Polska Walcząca)
List: Polish Air Force (Krzystek List)
List: Red Cross Polish Refugees
Orphanage: Mexico, Santa Rosa
Orphanage: New Zealand, Pahiatua
Orphanage: South Africa-Oudtshoorn
Orphanage: Uzbekistan, Wabkend
Passengers: SS Asturias to Australia
Passengers: SS Dundalk Bay to New Zealand
Passengers: SS Goya to New Zealand
Passengers: SS Hellenic Prince to New Zealand
Passengers: SS Rangitiki to New Zealand
Passengers: ships to UK
War Memorial: England, Northolt
Website: European Gulag Memories (museum.gulagmemories.eu)
Website: Find Your Roots (Radzima.net)
Website: Kresy locations (Kami.net.pl)
Website: Polish Air Force (polishairforce.pl)
Website: Pre-war Wołyń pages (wolyn.republika.pl)